My birthday is in exactly one week.

That makes today my mom's birthday. Happy birthday mom! I got her some Elvis records. Since she loves Elvis and I bought her a record player for Christmas, yet she owns no records.....silly mom!

Anyway, the world has begun exploding recently. I'm not sure the friends I have know what kind of consequences are going to lie behind their current choices. I try to tell them, and yes, I understand that sometimes, you have to make your own mistakes in order to really understand and grow as a person...but still, it hurts. Plus, they think that when I say consequences, I'm talking about things that follow the next day, or the next week. I'm not. I'm speaking in generally longer terms, and they don't seem to realize that.

I guess the other problem I'm having with it, is that I tend to distance myself from people who aren't agreeing with my current lifestyle. So I'm trying to come to terms that this is going to be a lonely couple of months.......


Well, I'll be going now, no more ranting.....Grandpa and Grandma Marge are taking me and mom to lunch! Yum!

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