Hooray vocab.

Lately I've been feeling very......well, dejected, for lack of a better word. Nothing seems to be going right these past few weeks, and the few people I thought would be around when my world crumbled...they aren't.

I guess "abandoned" would be a better word than "dejected." The latter makes me feel so.....like an English major. Ha.

Did you ever have a dream where everything is moving in slow motion, and you're trying to warn everyone that the world is going to end, or some other horrific disaster? And the only response you get is a dial-up speed response. I feel like that's my life, lately. Only opposite. I'm the one moving in black and white slow motion, while the rest of the world is dancing around in garish multicolor. Like a bunch of circus clowns on crack. My life has never been neon. I've always been the old photograph. Not too faded, but not too eye-popping, either.

Hmm....what to do....

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Lewis Cash said...

Ash, I like your words! I'm sorry that stuff sucks right now.

Warning, cliche advise coming: Hang in there, it will get better.

I love you cuz, and I wish we lived in the same town to hang!