The best job.

Well, it's been a REALLY rough week.

My two thirds of my friends have moved away. In one week. Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They took them away from me. What's funny is that the cities names are The Angels and The Meadows. Pretty peaceful friend stealers! Ha. If most of my communicating wasn't done over text messages and phone calls before, it sure is now. Especially since the only friend I seem to be left with in this state lives in downtown Phoenix. Great. A 40 minute drive if I want to go out on the weekends.

Oh, and tomorrow is my last day at the Jesus Chapel. I didn't quit and I didn't get fired. The store is being forced to close. The Man (and not The Big One) is taking away the only job I've ever liked long enough to stick around in. I'll miss those guys terribly. Every last one of them.

Honestly, I don't know how I even made it to today.

And I sure don't know how I'll make it through tomorrow.

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Lewis Cash said...

Ash, I am really sorry. That sucks. I'll spare you the lame encouraging cliche (see: "When God closes a door he opens a window") and just tell you that I'm sorry.