Boy, howdy.

Texas was sure fun. The hotel I stayed in was really cool. The free ground coffee in the room was provided by Starbucks, and the shampoos and incidentals were provided by Bath & Body Works. So that was nice.

The wedding was beautiful. Very Kathleen. Completely over the top, personalized EVERYTHING, 5-minute ceremony.

I had a lot of fun, still.

Met a LOT of fun people.


Lewis Cash said...

Sounds cool. I love weddings, they are so cheery and happy. Where in TX did you go?

bpddjeoomon said...

Well I spent about 5 total hours in the Dallas airport (which was INCREDIBLE..I want to vacation there..just the airport) and the rest of the trip was in Midland/Odessa.

Lewis Cash said...

Oh man... Odessa! We used to tour there a lot. We played at a bar called Earls 2. It was a dive and made me wonder what Earl's 1 was like. Anyways, that's cool! Hope all is well.

bpddjeoomon said...

Apparently all of Odessa is like that. They told me about the two strip clubs they have, the Silver Jaguar Club and the Gold Jaguar Club. Apparently only one is open at a time and when they get shut down by the law, the owner sells the property to his brother, who changes the name and keeps running it. And vice versa. So Earls 2 was probably the same building as Earls 1, just under different management! Haha