Spring (or Summer, you know, whatever) Cleaning!

I've decided that my iPod has become far too cluttered for me to bother with anymore, which upsets me, because I like to listen to music. I like having thousands upon thousands of songs at my fingertips (along with a nice game or two). But, there's just too much on there for me to bother with anymore.

So, tomorrow is Summer iPod Cleaning Day. A new tradition. Any song that hasn't been played in the last six months is dunzo! Plus, it'll give me some more room in there to put some of my newer CD's onto that thing. When I first got it I thought I'd never ever need 60 GB of memory, but it seemed to go so quickly! Granted, I have a few video podcasts on there, but that still only accounts for about 15 GB..

This is just plain silly.

Maybe I can get a job soon, too, and finally buy myself a stinkin' external hard drive and get rid of all those CD's! Trade them in for a few books at Half Price!

P.S. Nole, has Carrie started reading those books yet? I'm excited to know what she thinks of them.

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