Who tries to rob a store called Jesus Chapel?

I honestly would like to know who would walk into a discount Christian bookstore called Jesus Chapel and try to rob it. And worst of all, is there was only $74 in the register.

Even scarier is that I was THERE. You don't threaten the people in there with a gun and tell us to give you the money in the register. It's just wrong! Even the athiests of the world don't muck around in openly Christian businesses. They figure "well, if there is a God, I don't want to mess with him.."

Not this guy.

What a maroon.

So now the counter is broken because Heroic Dan decided to slam the guys hand in the register drawer and wrestled him to the ground.

It's weird going to work the next day and finding reporters and "CRIME SCENE" tape on the door.

It's just weird.

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