Today has sucked.

I love my job. I really do. You can't get any better than a small, family owned, discount Christian bookstore in Scottsdale. Where the owner/manager shares your taste in music and just laughs when you say something stupid. Where the other manager (and owners mother) treats you like you're her own daughter and hugs you after you've only been gone for a week and gushes about how much she missed you. Where the night manager (and owners father) rides his Harley to work and laughs at my silly jokes and makes silly jokes right back at me. Where the owners sister sits and deals with all our special orders and brings me things for no reason. Where I walk into the back room and AC/DC is playing and the guy in recieving talks to me like we're on the same level, even though we both know that we're not. And where my co-workers don't feel like co-workers, but like friends. And where when I say something stupid (and don't realize it) everyone brushes it off with no more of an excuse than "Oh, it's just Liz.."

My problem is that I'm poor. I really need money. If I could live the rest of my life off of $6.75/hr, I would. But I can't. Especially since I'm trying to save up some money right now. So what should I do? Should I quit, and take another job that I'll surely hate but pays more? Or should I take a second job that pays more and still help out where I know I'm valued already? I'm just not sure anymore. I wish there was a clear cut answer.

I'm leaning towards quitting through the summer and saving up enough money to have a semi-fat bank account and going back during school in the fall.

Ugh. I've been praying and praying for the past few weeks, and I don't seem to be getting any closer to an answer.

Oh, what to do....

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Lewis Cash said...

Hey thanks for the comment! How did you find my blog?

I've been in similar situations, weighing enjoyment of work against the pay (or lack there of). It is a very difficult decision and I wish you wisdom in your decision.