I lopped off a ton of my hair.

And now I look like I'm so punk rock it HURTS. Haha. Too bad I hardly listen to punk rock. Then I'd be pretty bitchin'.

In other news, I had my doctor appointment TODAY (instead of on the tenth, which is when I THOUGHT I had it.) and I missed the appt. because I never got a reminder call and I swear they told me it was on the 10th. So that sucks. And now I have to go in on Monday instead of doing my taxes. Dang. I just love taxes. LOVE.

Okay, I'm going to tear off my false eyelashes and jump in the shower now. Wash away the days troubles.

By the way, my birthday is the 18th (aka 16 days away) and I would really like some cash for that. Seriously. Send your cards. I will write lovely "thank you" notes. And I will be thankful.


Lewis Cash said...

I bet your hair looks great!

I wasn't sure if you knew that this blog my blog was me (as in your cousin), because I blog under a different name so that my pesky little students can't read all my thoughts!

I hope your doing great! Love ya!

bpddjeoomon said...

Yeah I knew it was you. Because I know everything.