I DID love my job.

I think I still will love working at the Jesus Chapel once whatever kind of hellish period I'm in is finished. I'm just too irritable and angry to deal with the kind of customers that shop there. They're all really old, and probably the most narrow-minded people EVER. I had a lady tell me that I "looked weird" and made her "fear that the apocolypse is upon us" because I was wearing a dress and 4-inch heels. High heels, man....tools of the devil!

As far as all of my relationships are concerned, I knew that text messaging would be the death of me. Is it really THAT much harder to pick up the phone when I call you, rather than send me a text message saying "I don't think we should talk anymore." Hmm..

Oh well. I know that friends come and go, but I never expected them all to go at the same time. It's like they planned it. And knowing that they come and go never makes it any easier when they do. Besides, I never actually thought that Jess would consider her need to be stubborn more important than our friendship.

Eh. What goes around, comes around, I guess. And I don't exactly plan on being here when THEY all need a shoulder to cry on..


Lewis Cash said...

Narrow minded people = stupid, annoying, and frustrating to talk to! I actually talked with a Christian who didn't believe in global warming and said, "Even if it is real, which it isn't, Jesus is coming back soon anyways." My internal response, "Jesus Christ! Please help this person!"

bpddjeoomon said...

Absolutely. I deal with those people on a daily basis. And they never get better. And the worst ones are the people that come in and try to evangelize. I'm not trying to generalize here, but really...if you're gonna try to save someone, the JESUS CHAPEL is probably the last place to look. Plus, the stuff they try to tell me is wack. (So awful, that I just said "wack") For example, they'll write their own "bibles" and try to sell it to us saying that they "fixed" all the mistakes in it.


Lewis Cash said...

Oh my gosh, I couldn't stand it. God bless you for working with those people.