Small update.

Finished a painting yesterday. A lot of it turned out kind of wonky, but overall I'm pretty happy about it.

Click here to view

Also, I'm saving up some money to buy one or both of the following cameras. Sure it's only $125 for both, but considering the fact that I make minimum wage and have a fairly large amount of bills that I need to pay..that's a lot. I'm still working on that "get a second job for the summer" thing...once that happens I'm sure I'll be camera(s) in hand. Yay me!

Lomo's Love Edition ColorSplash

Lomo's Fisheye


Lewis Cash said...

That painting is awesome! What medium did you use? Where did you get the idea for the legs?

bpddjeoomon said...

Thanks, cuz!

I used some simple acrylics. Lots of mixing....I'm running low on supplies!

I'm not sure where I got the idea...most of the stuff I paint is either really abstract (because we all like pretty things!) or somewhere between zombie and pin-up girl.

Lewis Cash said...

Cool. Abstract art is my favorite to do because you can't screw it up! I love the theme of zombies mixed with pin up. You could do a whole series on that!