I miss Recover.


But Young Love does hold a special place in my heart, as well.


Lewis Cash said...

Recover is a complete decrescendo for me. The started out so huge and awesome with "Rodeo and Picasso" then they were still pretty awesome with "This is Not Recover," but "This May Be the Year I Disappear" was a huge let down. I pretty much stopped paying attention once that album came out. Not sure what they are doing now.

My favorite Recover story: seeing them in the smallest record store ever in north Phoenix called Karma. They played five songs in the middle of the day for like 30 kids. It was so awesome and at the end, the screamer guy smashed his $1500 Fender Telecaster into the wall into a million pieces. So rock and roll to do that for only 30 kids. It ruled!

bpddjeoomon said...

I definitely agree as far as the decrescendo. "Betting All I Have" is still my favorite song by them. But I have to admit that there are a few songs on "This May Be the Year I Disappear" that make my soul dance a little when I hear. :)

As far as your favorite recover story...I'm jealous. I feel like I missed out on all the good music because of my age. I was never allowed to go to any shows like that because either my mom thought I was too young, or Chris didn't want to drag me along with him. Sigh...
I just wish that the newer music coming out these days was better...I probably wouldn't be so jealous.