Commence Nonsenseical Rambling.

Well, it turns out that the managerial staff at work are in fact using the cameras to spy on us while we are working. Which I can understand, to a point. But when they send out memos saying that we're doing things wrong with the snarkiest undertones imaginable. And I think that sucks. It's not right for them to be doing that. They get to sit at desks and talk to each other all day long while they work. They don't actually have to work with the customers. So I don't understand why we can't chat with each other every once in a while, when the customers are getting taken care of in a timely and curteous manner and our assignments are getting done. It's not cool to take away the only part of that job that keeps us all sane. And it's not Dan's job to babysit us after 7:00. If he's helping customers and running registers, and we're helping customers and doing our assignment, everything's fine. Dan doesn't actually HAVE to keep an eye on us EVERY moment of the day.

In other news, I had a dream last night about Tony. I havent' dreamt about Tony in a REALLY long time. The premise of the dream isn't very important, what's important is that near the end of the dream he socked me right in the jaw.

I woke up to a huge bruise on my face (it looks like someone socked me right in the jaw...) and scratches all over my back. There's also a cut on my shoulder.

What happened?

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Lewis Cash said...

Ash, sorry I haven't commented in a while. Being out of school means spending far less time on the computer.

First off, I have heard of Sigur Rós, and have been a fan for sometime. They are great and extremely interesting. I have really been getting into music in different languages as of late, such as Spanish. Not sure why, but it just is striking a chord with me.

Secondly, I have also heard the Johnny Cash reading the Bible. Only small parts. It is AWESOME. Who better to narrate the Bible than the Man in Black? He is one person I simply cannot wait to hang out with in heaven (maybe even doing whiskey shots and playing poker with? [Is that blasphemous?])

Thirdly, lame about work getting all Big Brother on you guys. Weird.

Lastly, the dream seems very, very strange (though I don't know about Tony or the relevance to you dreaming about him). The bruise, scratches, and cut may have been done by you in your dream. Kinda like if your dreaming about running your legs move? Not really sure.

Hope all is well. I miss you a ton. You are always invited to come and hang out with me and the wife here in beautiful Oregon. You would love it here.