MASS HYSTERIA.....in my mind!

I still can't get over the cameras at work. Not a moment goes by that I'm not fully aware of their presence. However, I have started to have fun with them. I've taken to juggling directly in front of them, putting on disguises and running around the store like a madwoman, or standing on the counters and making silly faces and noises (since they record sound too). I've gotten far too many calls from Jacob when he's at home telling me to "get off the counter." Eh. I'm still creeped out by them.

I'm taking a few summer courses. Those started today. I'm not having a good time. The class starts at 7:30. And people at work expect me to drive home from school (about 14 miles) at 9:00am. Then to work (about 13 miles) at 1:00pm. and stay there until about 8:00pm. Uh. No. That means I'll have been awake for 15 hours before I'm even home from work. Not to mention all the gas I'm wasting. Rar. What's worse is that everyone is on vacation the next few weeks, with the exception of me, David, Tori, and Dan. And I'm trying to pass my classes. NOT COOL.

Plus I need my daily dose of Matt (who's in New Hampshire). Or I'll go crazy. I'm already afraid that I'm crazy, and I'm not willing to risk going two weeks without the entertaining force of Matthew.

AND, it's about 8:00pm right now. I'm already falling asleep. And I didn't even finish my homework.

I fail.

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