I am sick! Gr. I've been really sick all week and I can't figure out why. I've hardly been out of the house for a month, and no one has come over. Blech. (That is only a lie in the case of one night when Streetlight Manifesto was in town and the Tempe Arts Festival was happening...but that didn't last more than a few hours, so I don't think it really counts).

It was terrible today because I drove all the way out to have lunch with my mom and Aunt Katy and I felt sicker and sicker as the minutes passed.

I became delirious from stomach pains and anger towards myself on the way home when I realized it was rush hour and it was going to take two hours to make a 45 minute drive....and there was a jumping brown spider in my vehicle, terrorizing me by leaping from limb to limb every time I tried to squash it. He either escaped with his life, or he is hiding under my floormats, just waiting to pounce once again.

Terrible week. And the pills never seem to be helping.

In other news, despite my illness and the fact that I may be contagious, I think I may try to go out and socialize this weekend. I've spent enough time doing yoga in the living room and making the Netflix people work harder than they should for any one household.

Maybe next month I'll get a job.

Stay tuned.


Lewis Cash said...

So, did you go out? Fun or no?

Traffic is a bitch. Small town traffic isn't much better. Before it was cold (and I crashed) riding my was almost as fast as driving places. Lame.

Also, I'd love to know what movies you been watching!

bpddjeoomon said...

I ended up not going out. I felt terrible from being sick. Bleh.

Haha, are you sure you want the list? Ever since I've been unemployed I've been getting 6 dvd's from Netflix every week! Usually it's tv shows. We don't have TiVo or anything so I never catch the shows I want to watch, but I have a thing about not missing any episodes before I watch the next one...there's just TOO MUCH going on! Usually the actual movies I get from them are horror flicks because I'm the only one I know that'll watch that genre, so I have to go it alone. However, I'm on a Michael C. Hall fix right now and have been watching Dexter and Six Feet Under non-stop. Both great. Also a lot of How I Met Your Mother and Extras.