Prompt me.

I've decided that since I never have anything to write about, I'm gonna use prompts.

"What is your favorite holiday? What makes it so special?"

It's a tie between Christmas and St. Patrick's Day.

a) People on the street are happier; more jolly, if you will.
b) I love presents! Even on my birthday I don't get presents (honestly. I hardly ever get anything for my birthday. My last birthday I got lunch and a check).

St. Patrick's Day:
a) It's the day before my birthday, so even though everyone is always too hungover to do anything on my birthday, everyone's always up for celebrating the day before (I choose to ignore that it's only because they were already going out).
b) Green is a great color. And I enjoy any reason for people to collectively dye their food and drinks an unnatural color (my mom always gets ticked off at me when I dye my cakes).

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