And it continues...

I'm waiting for the day when I get to update with GOOD news.

My good friend Amanda is getting married. She was planning on having the wedding some time next fall. I was supposed to be in her wedding. Well I just found out that they moved the date up to THIS SUMMER and they're having it in Illinois. Needless to say, I won't even be able to GO to her wedding now. Which makes me incredibly sad.

In other news, the only things people seem to want to talk to me about lately is drama in their lives. I'm happy to listen to you vent, but please don't drag me into it. I'm not a middle-man.

And also, the Jesus Chapel was robbed last night. Again. It hasn't even been four months since the last time we were robbed! It's ridiculous. I feel bad for the guys who are trying to rob us, because honestly, they look desperate, and they must be in order to shake down a store called JESUS CHAPEL. It's sad that anyone should choose that sort of lifestyle, but it's even worse when they resort to stealing from not just a religious bookstore, but a DISCOUNT religious bookstore. That's like stealing from second-hand church.
At the same time, I don't know how I feel about working there now. We were all scared after the first robbery (I mean, that store has been open for 30+ years now, and that was their first robbery!) and we tried to keep positive about the whole thing. Now it's happened again and all I can think is "Who's next?" Really. Who's going to get held up the next time we get robbed? Who's going to be the one that gets hurt? I truly hope that no one has to go through that anymore and no one will ever get hurt, but we shouldn't have to be afraid to go to work. Everyone that works there loves their job. We enjoy working at that store. But when do you just give up and say "enough is enough?" I shouldn't be afraid to walk the 15 feet from the door to my car when I work at night.
On that same subject, I am SERIOUSLY pissed off at Jacob. The first time this happened, his own father was injured in the process. They had talked about getting a new security system installed, which included cameras at the front of the store. He got estimates from a Christian security company that was even willing to give him a smokin deal since they were both Christian companies. Jacob never even called the man back. Not once. I understand that the man procrastinates like crazy, but how many times does this need to happen before you DO SOMETHING about YOUR business and YOUR employees! And not only that, but when this happened last night, he never even SHOWED UP at the store to make sure everything was okay. Are you kidding?! And I just KNOW that he'll be there today with all the news cameras and play Mr. Public Eye just like last time.

Sorry Jacob, but you're not a politician. You can't stay hidden for the rough times but come out of your cave to deal with camera crews and news reporters.

Take some more pride in the store that you OWN and MANAGE.

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