Jesus Chapel.

I know I should be happy that things have changed a lot since the second robbery.  I'm glad that Jacob and Bonnie are doing something about our safety.

What I DON'T like, however, is feeling like I have to walk around with a group of employees.  Yes, I'm grateful that Dan watches me walk to my car when I leave the store at night, but that's something that he's always done.  I don't like that now we have to be suspicious of everyone that walks in the store.  Retail involves a lot of being suspicious, sure, that's how you reduce product shrinking, but really, I don't think that that lady with 4 kids is going to hold us at gunpoint.  When the other employees walk away from the counter, I don't like that they feel they have to ask me if I'm going to be okay up front by myself if they go and take a piss!  Yes, I'll be fine.  Acting like this is making me feel even more unsafe.

I can't even think straight anymore.

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