Maybe I could have.

You know what I really dislike?

When people see and/or call me and say "you should have been there!"

Normally (I'm assuming) people say this when they invite you somewhere, you decline, and then they tell you about it later. Whenever people say it to me it's...well, it's completely pointless. People never invite me anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind. I love to stay home and read or watch movies or play The Sims 2 (because I'm a massive loser). Once every couple of months I'll be really bored at home and really truly want to go out, but that doesn't mean I'm going to automatically decline when I'm invited. In fact, usually when I'm invited out, I'll go (unless it's to go to a bar..I really don't like going to bars; I can't afford it and I get really annoyed by a bunch of already obnoxious people acting stupid together). So when someone neglects to invite me or never even tells me that they're doing something and then the next day tells me how much I missed out by not going, that REALLY annoys me.

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